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Jan 14, 2020

Turning Call Center Technology into Collections Gold

Posted In: Collections, Strategy Author: TCN

Working in collections means you’re likely opening your reports (and leveraging your call center technology) with an eye on two coffee-draining concerns: Maintaining regulatory compliance. Getting clients to pay their debts. Each of those problems requires their own unique solutions. What if you could effectively resolve both issues at the same time? Call center technology […]

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call center technology

Jan 04, 2019

Nail KPI Targets with Call Center Technology and Agent Skill Sets

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound, Outbound Author: TCN

Using call center technology to hit KPI targets requires 2 things: Agents who possess the right skill sets to meet their goals and satisfy customers. Call center technology that empowers agents and managers to do what they couldn’t do on their own. Of course, if call centers want to hit their KPIs they should outline […]

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Oct 05, 2018

4 IVR Call Center Strategies for Painless, Efficient Customer Service

Posted In: IVR, Strategy Author: TCN

Interactive voice response (IVR) is usually a call center’s first contact point with a customer. Which is good, because according to Steven Van Belleghem, 40% of customers prefer self-service over interacting with human agents. Not only that, but customers using some sort of self-service to solve their problems has increased from 67% in 2012 to […]

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Sep 14, 2018

5 Call Center Technologies That Improve Customer Experience

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Strategy Author: TCN

By 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for businesses, according to a report from Walker. If call centers aren’t actively trying to leverage call center technology to improve customer experience, they could start losing revenue to competitors. That’s why, in this post, we’ll detail 5 call center technologies […]

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call center technology

Jun 15, 2018

TCN’s Call Center Technology Predictions for 2019

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Now Trending, Omni-Channel, Speech Analytics Author: TCN

We all love predictions – and the pursuit of call center technology as a competitive edge – that gets the pulse racing. That’s why the Executive Vice President at TCN Inc., Darrin Bird, is sharing his predictions for the upcoming year. So, strap on your visionary goggles and have a look beyond the veil of […]

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cloud call center technology

Apr 20, 2018

TCN’s Cloud Contact Center Updates: Google Cloud, Salesforce, Ecliptics and Beyond

Posted In: Partners, Salesforce Author: TCN

TCN is committed to bringing contact centers the tools and functionality its clients demand. Learn how Speech Analytics, the latest Salesforce APIs, Ecliptics and CUBS can turn every call into a warehouse of useable data and customer insights—as well as a source for perfecting call processes. Speech Analytics Tool TCN’s Speech Analytics tool serves up […]

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Feb 05, 2018

13 Top Trends Affecting Call Center Technology in 2018

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Now Trending, Press Author: Mckay Bird

As businesses and organizations set goals and make plans for 2018, they may wonder what trends will impact their communications and call center technology. Several developments could impact the two, ranging from the repealed net neutrality regulations to the shifting role of the call center agent. To help businesses prepare for the future, TCN covers […]

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Jan 25, 2017

Call Center Compliance Around the World

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Compliance Author: Mckay Bird

If your organization claims customers around the world, you likely already know that the rules of engagement for communications and telemarketing differ greatly. What the United States deems “okay” could land your brand in a heap of trouble in Germany or Japan. And it’s not as though you can feign ignorance or immunity when the […]

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Jan 23, 2017

2 Ways to Dramatically Increase Profits with a Cloud-Based Call Center Platform

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software Author: Darrin Bird

A vendor can say they’ll increase profits until they’re literally blue (or red) in the face, but you won’t believe them until they show quantifiable results. TCN errs on the side of the latter. We know you want evidence when making a purchasing decision. So, we provide it. It helps you make a choice, and […]

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Jan 12, 2017

5 Trends to Watch in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Healthcare, Now Trending Author: Bryce Payne

While a number of trends related to healthcare revenue cycle management warrant attention, almost all of them share a common source: the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. Several variables contribute to the change, including federal regulations and fines, as well as patients choosing higher deductible health insurance plans. The movement will only accelerate as […]

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