TCN's Call Center Compliance Suite

Compliance Matters—Limit Your Risks

Compliance is critical to the profitable and sustainable operation of the modern contact center. The FTC and FCC and state AG’s have ramped up regulations, rulings and enforcement, with some of the stiffest penalties arising from enforcement of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In a survey, 41% of respondents in a single industry reported TCPA as the most challenging regulation for their business.

TCN’s platform doesn’t just safeguard call center compliance against the TCPA, it’s designed to automate compliance and minimize risk as regulations and rulings come and go. Control when, where, how and to whom all communications happen:

Manual Dial Only Platform

Capable of placing calls only if agent chooses. This dialing mode does not have the ability to dial without human intervention and comes with call recording and agent efficiency tools—a key component for call center compliance.

Manually Approved Calling

  • Manually approve phone numbers without the need for separate campaigns or initiatives
  • Approve and reject calls based on compliance criteria
  • 3rd party contact information and account information readily accessible to quickly review each account in real-time.
  • Unified interface to seamlessly switch between approving calls and taking calls

Cell Phone Scrub

  • Quickly identify and cancel calls to cell phones and ported numbers
  • This service comes standard with our Outbound calling

State Specific Custom Calling Rules

  • Set rules based by state, timezone, and area codes
  • Control regional compliance with customer triggers

Call Recording

  • 100% call recording
  • Securely and centrally stored
  • Auditor access
  • Promote quality assurance and process compliance

Download Brochure Tools to help you stay compliant. Innovative technology can help you dial within compliance.