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Preview Dialer

Provide confidence and relevant information to your call center agents on every call.

TCN’s Preview Dialer boosts agent performance while lowering call abandonment rates. Used exclusively as an outbound tool, the Preview Dialer presents agents with relative information before a call is placed in TCN. The tool allows the agent to better prepare for the call — increasing the chances of a positive outcome. 

Preview dialing is great for call centers that handle complex service and sales communication.

Personalize each call to every customer

Help agents know who they are talking to before they speak.

Decrease call abandonment rate

Drop fewer calls while decreasing the delay on connecting calls.

Easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use cloud software. No training or installations needed.  

Increase conversion rates and first call resolution

Save time and money by helping your agents understand who they are speaking with before the call is placed.

Increase agent performance and productivity

Give agents control of their conversations and allow them to achieve their goals. 

Save over other cloud platform solutions

Flexible pricing — no long term contracts or monthly minimums.

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