Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) Software for Your Call Center

TCN’s Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) makes outbound customer responses and call routing a fast and affordable reality. IVM allows your customers to interact with outbound dialer campaigns without ever involving an agent.

IVM Outbound Messages

  • Interception of Calls – Near-instant connection for customers who opt to speak with a real person.
  • Voice Message Distribution – Automated message distributions help you gather simple information or conduct complex, interactive surveys.
  • Agent Display – Customer’s information is displayed on screen allowing the agent to log notes and respond directly to the callers need.
  • Capture Responses – Capturing customer data is easy using Agent Gateway. Agents can then seamlessly elicit customer responses directly to your CRM.
  • Auto-Payment Portal – Direct customers to a website or phone payment prompt, gathering revenue without using a single agent’s time.

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