call center management

Aug 10, 2020

Tips and Tricks for Call Center Management

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software Author: Hannah Gardine

Call center managers every day are met with many questions. Still, one that pops into their minds is, how can they keep their call center agents engaged and motivated while handling necessary KPIs and expectations? Here is a breakdown of tips and tricks from TCN for managers to implement in their call center to improve […]

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cloud based call center solutions

Aug 06, 2020

Why a Cloud-Based Call Center is the Next Step to Modernization

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software Author: Marie Christenson

Have you ever had your cell phone break unexpectedly? Not only is it an inconvenience to go through the process of getting a replacement phone, but having that sinking realization that your contacts and photos had not been backed up is just the cherry on top. Nobody likes losing precious memories or information, which is […]

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inbound call center solutions

Aug 04, 2020

Powerful Customer Service Solutions For Your Inbound Call Center

Posted In: Inbound Author: TCN

Inbound Call Center Solutions Genuine customer service is a lost art, and when it comes to tech companies that interact directly with their customers, they need to be exceptionally skilled at customer service. Once any conversation transforms into a phone call, effectiveness and quality can drop rapidly. Most everyone has had the experience of calling […]

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TCPA Compliance

Jul 30, 2020

TCPA Compliance Checklist: A Resource for Your Call Center

Posted In: Compliance Author: Marie Christenson

It’s understandable that, as a consumer, nobody likes to be annoyed with robocalls — which is why guidelines need to be established. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) aims to protect consumers by eliminating irrelevant, repetitive, or excessively intrusive calls. However, as a result of the TCPA regulations, many contact centers and organizations who are […]

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Call center software TCN inks deal with APG

Jul 30, 2020

TCN Software Helps Adams Publishing Group Improve Customer Service and Performance

Posted In: Partners, Press Author: TCN

St. George, Utah – July 30, 2020 – TCN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide, celebrates the success of its ongoing partnership with Adams Publishing Group (APG). APG is a publisher of 37 daily newspapers, 90 non-daily newspapers, and several other media-related businesses […]

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Call center platform provider TCN and FINTEC forge partnership

Jul 30, 2020

TCN, Inc. and FinTec Business Solutions Celebrate the Continuation of 10 Year Partnership

Posted In: Partners, Press Author: TCN

London and St. George, Utah – July 30, 2020 – FinTec Business Solutions and TCN, Inc. are delighted to announce a further deepening of their current partnership to celebrate 10 years of working together. As a provider of the world’s premier cloud-based call center solution, TCN has appointed FinTec to be a key partner across […]

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Automatic Call Distribution, ACD, IVR, Interactive Voice Response

Jul 28, 2020

IVR and ACD: The Dynamic Duo of Call Center Technology

Posted In: ACD, IVR Author: Hannah Gardine

They say that two is always better than one. As call center technology is ever-evolving, different types of features come and go. However, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) always come together to elevate each other with their individual features. Thanks to cloud-based technology, these features can be used for their maximum […]

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healthcare call center

Jul 23, 2020

TCN: Providing the Best Services for Healthcare Call Centers

Posted In: Healthcare Author: Hannah Gardine

The healthcare industry is always changing and evolving as healthcare professionals deal with budget cuts, employee turnover, and creating new strategies to improve the payer-consumer relationship. As outsiders of the healthcare industry, TCN innovates cloud-based software from another point of view. We provide healthcare call centers with new advancements that change the patient-agent relationship by […]

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